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Located in Fruita, CO Bestslope Coffee Company blends the Western Colorado spirit with lovingly crafted specialty coffee.  

Photos by Anne Keller

Celebrating coffee from the cherry to the cup, Bestslope Coffee Company brings a new and fresh coffee experience to Colorado's Western Slope.  Starting with single origin coffee beans sourced from the worlds finest coffee growing regions, we roast our beans in house.  Through meticulous tasting and experimentation our roasters find the best expression of each bean we sell.  Buy Bestslope Coffee beans to brew in your home or let us take care of that for you with one of any number of brew methods that we offer. With an espresso bar, pour over bar, cold brew on tap or just a regular cup of coffee we have something for casual coffee drinker and coffee geeks alike!



(970) 639-8622



129 N. Peach St
Fruita, CO 81521



T-Su 7a –4p

M 7a - 2p

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Our Coffee

We sample roast and cup each coffee before bringing it into the shop.  All of our coffee selections are fair trade. 


Ethiopia Sidama - ECX, Sidama Cooperative-  Alt: 1600-1900m-  Processing: Washed Natural

Crisp and sweet with a pronounced blueberry finish.  We love this coffee as a pour over.  

Tanzania Peaberry - Arusha-  alt: 1400-2000m-  processing: washed, sun dried

Medium bodied with nuttiness and lemon acidity.  This is an interesting espresso and makes great Americanos


Mexico - Tapachula, Chiapas-  alt: 900-1600m-  Processing: Washed, wet-  organic

Rich toffee and almond nuttiness with lemon acidity.  You will love this on your at home drip machine.

colombia - Regional select huila-  alt: 1500-1700m-  processing: washed, sun dried

Savory, salted caramel with a tart finish.  The tart finish stands up in a latte or cappuccino.

Indonesia/SE Asia

Papua new guinea - waghi valley-  1600-1800m-  Processing: washed, sun dried

A delightfully clean coffee with chocolate notes.  This PNG is a go-to on our pour over bar.   


Colombia - Tolima organic-  alt: 1600-2000m-  Processing:  water processed-  organic

Surprisingly complex for a decaf coffee: chocolate, toffee and tangy acidity.  






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