Our Coffee

We sample roast and cup each coffee before bringing it into the shop.  All of our coffee selections are fair trade. 


Ethiopia Sidama - ECX, Sidama Cooperative-  Alt: 1600-1900m-  Processing: Washed Natural

Crisp and sweet with a pronounced blueberry finish.  We love this coffee as a pour over.  

Tanzania Peaberry - Arusha-  alt: 1400-2000m-  processing: washed, sun dried

Medium bodied with nuttiness and lemon acidity.  This is an interesting espresso and makes great Americanos


Mexico - Tapachula, Chiapas-  alt: 900-1600m-  Processing: Washed, wet-  organic

Rich toffee and almond nuttiness with lemon acidity.  You will love this on your at home drip machine.

colombia - Regional select huila-  alt: 1500-1700m-  processing: washed, sun dried

Savory, salted caramel with a tart finish.  The tart finish stands up in a latte or cappuccino.

Indonesia/SE Asia

Papua new guinea - waghi valley-  1600-1800m-  Processing: washed, sun dried

A delightfully clean coffee with chocolate notes.  This PNG is a go-to on our pour over bar.   


Colombia - Tolima organic-  alt: 1600-2000m-  Processing:  water processed-  organic

Surprisingly complex for a decaf coffee: chocolate, toffee and tangy acidity.