Passionate about community, quality and of course great coffee?  Working at Bestslope Coffee Company is a great opportunity to be engaged in the Fruita community, deliver high quality products and experiences, and immerse yourself in the culture of coffee.  We are always taking applications, however, we are currently only hiring for the positions listed below.

Posted February 9 - Cashier/Pour Over Bar

What are we looking for?

  • 18 or older (We serve alcohol)
  • Able to deliver excellent customer service, even during high volume times
  • A strong interest in coffee and a commitment to learn about the coffee's Bestslope is roasting
  • Aptitude for navigating Point of Sale and handling money
  • A strong interest in brew methods new and old, including espresso, pour over, cold brew, among others. 
  • The ability and interest in educating customers on various brew methods. 
  • The patience and desire required to learn and master the creation of coffee drinks by various methods.
  • Did we mention great customer service?  That, too!

If you are interested please complete our job application and return it either in person or by email to: 

Bestslope Coffee Company - 129 N. Peach St. - Fruita, CO